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Manufactured Home Insurance in Georgia

Do you own a mobile or manufactured home? These two are essentially the same thing, with the only difference being government lingo for homes built after 1976. But customers at Yess First don’t need to worry about knowing lingo. You can trust our experienced agents who will help you find the right coverage for your home.

Why Manufactured Home Insurance
Manufactured homes need different coverage from standard houses or modular homes. Unfortunately, some inexperienced insurance agents confuse the needs of customers and fail to properly insure customer homes. With Yess First, you can rest easy. Our policies for manufactured homes includes coverage for your mobile home’s structure and can also include coverage for accidents, in the event that you take your home with you on the road. Because many mobile home owners have stationary housing on property that may include other fixtures as well, we also offer coverage of fixtures and outbuildings such as porches and sheds.

What Manufactured Home Insurance Covers
Mobile home policies cover more than just your manufactured home. Like standard homeowner’s policies, this insurance generally comes with belongings coverage to pay for replacement or repair of personal effects damaged in a covered event. Manufactured home policies also include personal liability insurance to protect you and family living with you against personal liability issues anywhere in the world. These policies also provide medical payments coverage in case a guest is injured in your mobile home.

As the owner of a manufactured home, you need a home insurance policy tailored to your specific circumstances. If you currently have a homeowners policy, we invite you to call and schedule a free policy review. If you know you need a mobile home insurance policy, take a moment now to request your free quote.

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